14 March 2010

From Bedlington Rescue And Re-homing

There is a 3 year old working bedlington ( Granitor Type) desperately looking to be re-homed.

This little girl lives outside with a lurcher but has to be re-homed. Apparently she is a bully and now can longer live with the other dog.

1. This bitch has had no formal training.

2. She cannot be homed  with other dogs or cats.

3. She is not house trained

This is a very young bitch and I am sure in the right home with training she will make a wonderful pet or working bitch. This little girl is in the Bolton area. For more information please contact Frances  at Bedlington  rescue and re-homing on  01559 384499

1 comment:

Trish said...

The poor thing. I hope some takes on this challenge. The work that needs to be done with this girl will be so rewarding, for both. Hoping for the best for her.