14 March 2010

Sunday And We Say Hello To Tricia On Oracoke Island

Good morning/afternoon bloggers,
Last night we "sprung" the clocks ahead an hour, so my day got off to a late start even before I got up!  I am reporting live from my new computer that I am still trying to get used to.  After typing on a laptop keyboard, this new desk top one is taking some getting used to, but I love it.  No wires, just plug it into the wall and the internet cable and off you go!
I have loved reading about everyone's adventure to Cruft's.  This week is the big speciality in Louisville KY, so a lot of bedlington stuff happening.  Congratulations to  everyone on everything...wins, the money raised for rescue with the ID badges...what fun that  must have been meeting every one.
My girls lucked out this week....I got distracted  from grooming and ended up working in my bathroom taking down wallpaper and sanding down the walls getting them ready to paint.   All of a sudden I just decided the bathroom needed a change.....now all  I have to do is get off the island and buy paint.  They have certainly enjoyed the nicer weather and being able to spend more time outside.  We did have 2 days of heavy rain, but with the warm temps, everything began to grow!!  Like crazy...it is so nice to see green again.  Amelia gave me quite a scare as she fell off the deck!  She was jumping at the cat, who hopped up on the rail and PLOP!  down she went!  I thought for sure it was time for a run to the vet, but she stood up, trotted up the steps and looked at me as if to say  "What"?  "Nothing happened"!   She came inside and continued to be her nutty self, no harm done.  It is quite a fall too....there are 14 steps up to my deck & I am not sure how she managed it.  None of the other dogs have ever come close to even looking like this might happen, but she is a dare devil & will go right to the edge.....& I don't mean just the deck!  Love the video of Parker and Miss Asha!  What a ham she is & how wonderful and patient Parker is.  I just want to pick her up and squeeze her!
Hope everyone has a good rest after Cruft's and has a wonderful week.  Until next week, we send love from Ocracoke.

sunset_012Thanks Tricia, what a wonderful photo, looks like one Marie might have taken! We have been enjoying the sun too but still quite chilly especially in the shade or wind and as yet no daffodils in bloom in the garden! Asha gets more boisterous  every day and Parker’s patience is endless, I wish he would give her a good telling off and she might show him a bit of respect. Goodness no paint shop on the island, hope you get a trip to the hardware store soon. Our clocks change in a couple of weeks it will be so nice to have the daylight evenings.  Louisville sounds fantastic with the seminars, showing, agility and social gatherings, I would really love to be there!!!  Do hope we get some photos for the blog.


bill said...

great picture Trish

tony waller said...

Nice picture Trish. Here in the UK we don't put the clock's forwards until the 28th and there is a hint that spring is in the air. We saw a toad this morning when we were out with the dog's.

Tina W said...

Lovely pic Trish-the dogs have been going mad for about a fortnight at the bottom of the garden so I think that my frog and toad have re-emerged.