27 March 2010

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Scotland

I had a policeman at my door last night, delivering Briagha! She had escaped again around bedtime and I couldn't find her anywhere. About an hour later there was a knock at the door and there was the policeman (who was on his way home but still in uniform). He had found her out on the road and recognised her as belonging to me, fortunately she was still in one piece as it’s a quietish country road. Cody is behaving like an angel compared to her, she is a wee monster.


I'm hoping to go shopping in Inverness this weekend as I haven't been there for about six months due to the wintry weather. I'm also looking forward to the light evenings as the clocks change this weekend. Marie

Thank you Marie, Asha is a half sister to Briagha no wonder Asha is so naughty! I panic too if our dogs escape from the garden, we live on a very quiet lane too but unfortunately just outside our house is a blind bend in the road. Love the photo she looks one very happy little girl. Have a great shopping trip!

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ed and rebecca said...

Thank goodness you got her back. It's a good job Briagha's so distinctive and the pc recognised her!