29 March 2010

Jazz  And Sapphire Go Marshaling And Join The Dog Display Team! 

Hello  from The K9 Marshal Crew After one very bisy weekend. On Saterday Little Jazz and Sapphire and myself  were up at 5am and travelled down to Pantperthog Forest to marshal on the Bulldog Rally. We were at a very good spot a very tight left hand hairpin  and we saw Mary's Hubby in his  Ford Escort Mexico, to which Jazz and Sapphire cheered him on and they managed to take a   photo as he came round the hairpin and he could do with a nice picture of a Bedlington Terrier on the sides of the car it might go faster ( ha ha ). P270310_12_04

After a long day marshalling we got home at  8:30pm and after the dogs had their tea's and went to bed ready for Sunday, where Mum, Jazz, Sapphire and myself made our debut in The Whitchurch Dog Display Team at Walford Collage open day where the two displays went very well. If and when we get some photo's of the displays we post them to Lesley to put on the blog to share with you all.


What a busy weekend for Jazz and Sapphire, I love their green marshalling jackets. Do hope Mary’s hubby enjoyed his day out, he was in good paws if anything happened on the bedlie part of the circuit! Congratulations on being in the display team we are all very pround of the K9 team.  


Mary said...

Hey Ian - thanks for the phone message - a lovely surprise and so good to see the pic of Nigel on the blog today. We would like e mail contact if that is possible - let me know. Jazz and Sapphire look very dapper there in Wales! Maybe we should get a www.bedlingtonpictures logo on the Mexico - what do you think?

k9 said...

The Bedlingtonpictures logo on the car sounds like a very good idea as we did cheer him on when he passed us, we were at post 2 on SS7 (Pantperthog). Will you both be at the Bedlington fun day?

enid said...

What a smart pair of marshals. Looking forward to the photos of the display.