18 March 2010

Legal Requirement For Dog Identification


There is a lot of misunderstanding of what information is required by law to be printed on dog’s ID tags. First you must have your name, address and post code. Telephone numbers are not compulsory but can be very helpful in returning your dog to you in an emergency! Even if your dog is micro-chipped according to the law it must still have an ID disc with the correct information. Any dog that is picked up and handed to a dog warden (even if it is micro-chipped) without the correct information on the ID tag can be fined! All stray dogs that are picked up by the police are held in custody by the local warden. It is NOT as yet a requirement by law to have your dog micro-chipped!

Please note a lot businesses who sell and engrave dog discs will tell you differently as it is sometimes difficult to get all the information on a small dog tag. However engraved tags can be purchased from the Kennel Club website. Also ID Tags where you can write on the information is acceptable. Please note any dogs hoping to do the bronze test at the Fun day in May will have their discs checked by the examiner.


Trish said...

I have gotten my tags from PetTags.com. They fit all my info on a small tag, they are stainless steel and the company is awesome! I would reccomend them. PLUS they are very inexpensive.

Pam said...

I will risk being fined. There is no way I would ever divulge my address on a dog tag. All I have on mine is my home and mobile telephone numbers.

Tina W said...

Mine only have the phone number-but I'm not getting others engraved.

Jannine said...

Hi - I agree and would never print my address but have compromised surname and postcode.