18 March 2010

News from Hungary

I haven't written for a long time. Everything was busy with Crufts. I liked the photos on the blog!!!

I send a photo of Desmine and ZefĂ­r (3 month old). She's growing so quickly, catching up with Mummy. Erika says they love playing and she doesn't need to take any of them to long walks any more, since they spend ours running in the garden. The second photo is Desmine after grooming, she's getting used to it and looks quite proud after it.  Love, Vera



Thank you Vera,  the puppy looks lovely, isn’t she like her mother the very same expression on their faces.  Now the warmer weather and lighter evenings are on their way our dogs  want to spend more time outside in the garden!  Lovely photos thank you for sending them to us. Very best wishes to you and Erica


enid said...

you must be very proud to have bred such a beautiful puppy. I am sure it will do very well in the show ring.

Tina W said...

the puppy looks stunning!

Keira said...

Erika says thank you for the nice comments, she felt really pleased.
She started learning English again, so she's hoping to join the blog as a "real" member too.