30 March 2010

News From Hungary

Now it's Summer Time, I see more and more dogs in our Park. I guess all Bedlingtons like the long walks and the sunshine we can see more often now. Weather is getting better in Hungary too, dogs go to their "hairdresser" to get a shorter coat. Erika sent me these photos, here you can see how grooming in different there. There is less clipping and more scissors. They groom just a day before the show.  This is Woody, 2 years old from the previous litter (same Mum and Dad than the puppies now.) He's not going anywhere now just turned up for a new style. Dog-show period is starting there too, I'm sure soon he'll go to the ring too. Wish you all the best Love, Vera

woody_2eves_kozmielottwoody_2eves_kozmiutanGoodness Vera what a transformation, Woody is so beautifully groomed, he looks completely different. He certainly looks ready for the show ring now. 

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tom.chisholm said...

Woody, such a good looking guy!!!! Cut or natural (?).