11 March 2010

News from the Northeast

Good morning from the northeast and the weather is on the up forth day of sun shine i can do this weather. Just a short one from me this week as i know everyone cant wait for crufts i am gutted i cant go this year but there will be other years. Wishing everyone good luck have a great time and don't spend to much money lol Julie x 

In case the NE crowd are too busy with crufts- here’s some news from Ed and Ossie:


We have been busy for the last few weeks – we had a little holiday on a farm near our home. We always have a lovely time there – extra walks, lots of snuffling in the hedges and even digging. It’s always good to be back home, but we didn’t appreciate the ‘welcome home bath’. Meanwhile Tony and Sarah were away playing in the snow in a place called Finland – here’s some pictures. They tell us they had a brilliant time, but we would have found it too cold.

IMG_0586  IMG_0628

Since then we had a lovely visit to Diane, and had the best haircut we have ever had, followed by a run on the beach. We now look like smart Bedlingtons. By the way – good luck to our smart friends at Crufts tomorrow. Ed and Ossie

Thank you Ed and Ossie from the photos I don’t think Mum and Dad missed you, I bet they had a great time! By the look of your groom  you should be with your smart friends at Crufts tomorrow!


matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

why didn't you go julie???

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