13 March 2010

Our Bloggers Are Great!

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What fantastic people you all are, after counting the money this morning I have a massive £176 in my pink purse and still some some more money to come in. There were 7 badges not collected due to being absent but with offers to pay for them! A really big thank you to the Discover Dogs Team yesterday (Trevor and Jane, Eileen and Derek, Ian and the k9 team and Mr & Mrs Tighe) who donated all of the day’s allowance of £25 to the fund. I will phone Frances of Bedlington Rescue and tell her the good news and will let you know by the end of the week the final total.

The badges not only raised money but brought together people who have never met from all over the country and Europe. It was really nice to meet and welcome our overseas visitors.

I will spend time today with all the photo and if all goes well should have all the winners and exhibitors on the blog tonight, once again many thanks on behalf of bedlington rescue and re-homing for your support.

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k9 said...

Its like that well known supermarket advert !Every Little Helps) Well done to everyone!! I know the rest of The K9 Marshal Crew (Jazz and Sapphire) slept all the way home