31 March 2010

Please support your blog!

WE have had about 900 hits to the blog in the last 48 hours and a total of 5 comments on posts! It is a disappointment to see such a lack of interest for me and all those kind people who take time to write and send in photos and news! All I ask is Just an occasional comment on a post from everyone who visits. Without support there will be no bedlington blog!     


Trish said...

Sorry Les. I have been shackled to the restaurant day and night. After we open tomorrow night I will have my days at home and more time to look at the computer....it has been brutal this week, but the restaurant looks wonderful.

Lesley 2 said...

Trish there is no need to appologise you are one of our few star supporters who regularly contributes,and writes our USA report. Trish you are now a busy lady and we will look forward to hearing from you if and when you can, many thanks!!!!

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hi Lesley sorry don't get much chance to join in these days we have a total ban at work now so only get chance to pop in now & again.
I miss you all loads & feel totally out of the loop now.
On holiday this week so I have been trying to catch up with whats been happining.
Love the clip af Asha she's adorable xx

k9 said...


We will be in and out as usual but once on the circuit do not have access to a computer but I am sure Ian will keep up the good work.

Come on folks we get pleasure from the blog which is a load of work for Jon and Lesley and the only way that they know how much people relate to the blog is by your response no matter how small the comment!