20 March 2010

Saturday And News From Marie In Skye

I haven't been online much this week as I've developed a problem with shaky vision in my right eye. I think its computer eye strain, so I'm giving it some rest to see if it resolves. I've booked an eye test for this week and also found some computer glasses online which I think may be starting to help (they reduce the glare).

I had visitors here last weekend, and whilst out shopping we discovered my images that were chosen as postcards are now on sale. It was such a strange (but nice) experience, and my friends bought five of them to take home and show off. The dogs loved having people here making fuss of them, all those laps to sit on instead of just mine.

Briagha has been biting her fur out of her sides like she has some sort of skin irritation, so it looks like a bad haircut. I will get the vet to check it out when we go there soon for kennel cough vaccines. Marie



Thank you Marie,  just another beautiful photo! It must be amazing to see your post cards on sale, maybe you could start up a little gallery on the island! I have never heard of computer eye strain, I will take note seeing how long I spend staring at screen everyday, do hope the glasses ease the problem. Do let us know what is wrong with Briagha, hopefully the vet will track down the cause of the irritation.


Tina W said...

One day you're gonna be famous!! Wonder what's caused Briagha's irritation-hope it clears up soon.

bill said...

nice on Marie,great picture

patricia said...

fab u lous, as they say, Marie. We are off to cornwall on sat. I think david is hoping to match your pictures, mmm...dont think so.

Marie said...

Thanks folks, and good luck David I hope the weather is kind to you both on holiday.