28 March 2010

Sunday And We Catch Up With Tricia On Oracoke Island In the USA

Good morning/afternoon,
Just a quick note before I dash off to the restaurant this morning.  Everything is getting in order, cleaned, and we will be up and running on Thursday!  Where did the winter go?  The girls are getting used to this new schedule, with me out of the house during the day (Chris's schedule has changed, so he IS here).  Then their schedule will change again when I actually start working and I am gone in the evening and here during the day.  The adjustment doesn't seem to affect them at all, they fall right back into their "work" routine.
The weather has been warm enough to plant the garden....peas, carrots, onions, spinach & lettuce have gone in.  After Easter, when I can get to the garden centre we will get basil, tomatoes and peppers and hopefully some cilantro.....Storey ate mine last year!  I am also thinking of planting some blueberry plants.  I am not sure how they will do in our hot and humid summers, with relentless sun, but I think I will give them a go anyway.  The girls have enjoyed the fine weather.  It is so much fun to watch them chase each other round and round in figure eights.  Willo will just go outside and run and run and run.  It only takes one to get them all started!  What a joy to watch.
So I am off....I get the whole restaurant to myself as no one else is working today.  Hopefully I will get tons done with no distractions.  Have a great week.

As you said where does the time go, but I must say I will be happy to see this winter out of the way. The daffodils are now starting to bloom in garden and I think the countryside will be a mass of yellow by the Easter weekend. You definitely are a very keen gardener, it must be quite difficult to fit everything in now the restaurant is about to open. Don’t work too hard! 


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Whats cilantro Trica?

The weather is great over here at present, but think we are due a sudden change.

Trish said...

We had that sudden change on Friday. I went to the food store and it was warm and sunny, when I came out 15 minutes later, the wind has shifted and the temp dropped about 15 degrees! I just had the dogs out and we almost blew off the porch! Gales blowing ( not unusual for out here) and a high surf warning & a coastal flood warning. BUT it is warm and lovely!