21 March 2010

Today  At Murton Terrier and Lurcher show



Nice little black bedlington so common at working shows

I got to the show late on after I had been to Eston,they had moved the show down a few fields as they are building a new cricket house on the old field.It was good to get back to camo clad showing, the bar should be open next year Billy

Thank you Billy these shows are a world away from the KC shows but they are an important part of life in the countryside, working terriers and our English Heritage. 



There was a good turn out of Bedlingtons at Murton today, TJ (Makems Caught In The Act) got his rosette today, a first and Dusty (Makems Lavendar Lady) also got her first rosette a third, her tattoos were not as good as her brothers, LOL

The Makems

Lesley 2 said...

Well dome to TJ and Dusty, It is always exciting when the pups win their fitst rosettes!

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

well done

bill said...

well done Derek and the wee Makems,

Tina W said...

Well done !!

karen said...

well done all, I like the little black beddie

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

we were there too.
blue (bed X whipp/grey) came 2nd in his class).
a pregnant mouse came 3rd in bedlington bitch too.
i think i should have entered sasca instead.
loads of bedlingtons at the show but very little decided to enter the show???
why is this???

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

a corker of a black "bedlington", but surely not pure bedlington.
you could have ate your dinner of its back, it was that flat!!

Mary Lou said...

Congratulations to the Makem Crew. Well done with wee youngsters. How old are they now, Derek?
I think that more KC registered Bedlingtons should explore the working shows. They should not be a world apart from our conformation shows. It is part of our standard that these dogs can hunt. So, finish those championships, put on your Cammies and get a working title on those dogs.


Hello Mary Lou

Pups are now 5 months old and it's Dusty's first KC show on May Day. Now there's an omen, wonder if it will be a red rosette instead of a red flag.

The Makems

Mary Lou said...

Of course it will be a RED ROSETTE!!!!! They are just about the same age as my litter. Mine make the 6 month mark on May 12. Thinking about getting the little girl (Gypsy) out to a couple local shows in June, along with her Dad.

I look forward to hearing how Dusty does!!!!! Keep us posted.