28 March 2010

Today At Newton Aycliffe

Whisper 1st open and Best of Breed, nothing in the group

Miss Pie 2nd in Open and Best Opposite Sex

Issacc 1st in Puppy, Best Puppy In Breed, Group 4 and 2nd in AV Terrier



Well done to Billy and Julie!


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Well done!

A very poor classification & entry today for the terrier group.
5 terrier breeds were classified, making an entry of just 25 terriers.

Unfortunately the terriers been shown in the North East, along with other areas are on the decline, as cost saving measures kick in?

It just seems to be a small hard core who are entering the open shows, hopefully we can all encourage newcomers to become interested in this hobby.

It was however a very enjoyable show (I enjoyed it), with the skye terrier going grp 1 terrier. BIS been won by a Black Pomerainian who also got BPIs. Total entry 400 dogs.

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

well done you "two".
it is hard not to win and get reserve when there is only the two of you to judge though.(lol)
but like they say, you can only beat whats in front of you.
i couldn't believe it, there must of been only 4 staffies, about 6 borders and very few other terrier breeds in the show.
the look on the judges' face said it all.
also, well said mark.

bill said...

Seeing as it is nearly always Julie and i at the shows and the class result is always the same that is just a formality now.

The group result is the important one now.

To make it interesting we are now looking for shows that do not have a bedlington class.

This was probally the first show this year with a poor terrier turnout,last week you could not get moved for them.

As always we had a good time


Well done you two. We'll be joining you in the ring on May Day, so just watch out for the RED CARDS in place of the RED FLAG.

The Makems

karen said...

well done julie and billy