20 March 2010

Today At Northern Counties Sporting Terrier

For Best In Show:  Julie was 3rd with Sevray Whisper at Jukenblu  (There were 15 terriers in the line up)

For Best Pup In Show: Billy was 4th with Gnejabay Solo starboy at Gypcian, “Issacc” (There were 11pups in the line up)

Well done Billy and Julie a fantastic result for the bedlingtons!



Well done folks, see you at Murton in the morning.

The Makems

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

well done

Tina W said...

Well done you pair!!!

bill said...

Derek i am back down Easton tomorrow,can you pick me a list up from Murton if you go.cheers

Mary Lou said...

Congratulations to Billy & Julie. A nice day for you two. Are you both showing tomorrow at Easton? If so, Knock em dead!!!!!

Mary Lou & The Woofs