28 March 2010

We Welcome “Hester”,  Ralphie’s New Sister To The Blog

We've got a new puppy! Ralphie's new little sister is called Hester and she is gorgeous! We picked her up on Friday and she was 10 weeks old on Saturday. She's had several good games with Ralphie already and the toy box is emptied as soon as I put anything!cid_6E7CDAA9-2739-4D3F-9785-13676F3AE057g away!

Her name means star and we think she is one, but then we are biased! Hope you like the photo's I'm sure we'll send more. Your puppy looks very gorgeous too, I'm sure they'd have a great time playing together.

Love from, Rebecca, Ed, Ralphie and Hester xx.


!cid_E8FB05C5-4029-4860-B393-60106198A2E4Congratulations Ed and Rebecca, you certainly kept that quiet!  Hester  looks to have settled in and enjoying life. Do send us lots more photos we love puppies pics on the blog. I think this little girl is going to keep you and Ralphie on your toes.  Enjoy her while she is tiny!


mandy said...

oh hester is lovely, makes me broody .

martin and julie said...

Thats brilliant! she is gorgeous, have lots of fun xx

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

That will keep you busy!

Karen Goldsbrough said...

You lucky things.
Hope Ralphie enjoys the company, I know it made a big difference to Hobie when we got Holly xx

Rod Chris & Lucy said...

What wonderful news! how come you never told us all at Crufts, you are sneaky !!
She looks wonderful, full of beans. Do you think it is better to have a dog & bitch together? We have been thinking of having another bitch, but not sure of the best combination, not looking to breed them.
Best wishes

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hobie & Holly get on great they are like an old married couple.
He loved her from the moment we brought her home. x

ed and rebecca said...

Ralphie seems very,very pleased so far, they are even sharing a bed during the day. I think boy /girl is meant to be the best combo, but all dogs are different and R's previous companion was a boy (they were both neutered) and there was no bother.