17 March 2010

Wednesday And We Say Hell To Enid In Wales

Hi, everyone. Not much local news as everyone is exhausted after Crufts, Hefin and I, on behalf of the MBTC would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped at Discover Dogs. The photo is of Hefin and Ewa first thing on Thursday morning before it got busy.


This is always the quiet time or should I say the only quiet time?  Otherwise it was hectic and we had a continual stream of visitors. I think it was because we had a really good position in the front. Dorothy couldn't clear up until late on Sunday because she was still having people visiting even though the Border terriers next door were gone by 4 o'clock. I hope we get even more helpers next year, especially from pet owners, so that we can work out rotas. Perhaps we will be able to recruit some at the Fun Day. I was amazed by the number of people who came and asked to see Ecco because they were regular visitors to the blog. There were several people who took details about rescue so that is encouraging. By the way if you were wondering what the disturbance was in the final group judging, Carmel told me it was a streaker only wearing a tail. I hope everything goes well for Lesley's mum when she has her operation on Friday. Enid

Thanks Enid, it is was so nice to meet the bloggers who we don’t see at the shows. It was lovely  to see Ewa, I did not know she was coming to Crufts. Hopefully many bloggers will  be able to make the fun day in May, I am really looking forward to it just hope it stays dry!!!!  I did wonder what the noise was during the final group judging  I guessed maybe some animal rights activists making their selves known. I am sorry I won’t be able to come up for the Midland show but hope Hefin enjoys his day judging and will look forward to some photos. My mum goes in Thursday for her op on Friday and I shall spend the few days she is in hospital driving my Dad to visit. We have an agility competition the following weekend at Newbury so if all is well with Mum hoping to spend that weekend competing and camping on the show ground. Spring is on the way and not long now until  National Terrier and the start of the season’s shows.  



Hello Hefin

Thanks for the chance to get involved in Discover Dogs, it was a very satisfying day. If still kicking and have not gone gaga you can put our names down for next year.

And Eva, AKA "Inga from Sweden" LOL it was really lovely to see you.

The Makems

k9 said...

All being well Enid you can put The K9 Marshal Crew's name down for next years discover dogs and than you for this year. and our regard go out to Lesleys mom for when she goes into hospital lol from The K9 Marshal Crew of Ian, Jazz and Sapphire

Lesley R Caines said...

And do't forget the Burmington Gang we missed out this year!

tony waller said...


Donna said...

well done all, i would of asked to see ecco too

Polly said...

Well done everyone.

We really missed you all this year, but hope to make it to Brailes - as long as we have suitable transport.