20 April 2010

Catch Up From Karen

Hi everyone hope this nice weather is perking you all up, we have just come back from Flambrough where we spent the week in a caravan, the day time was lovely but at night it was freezing, we took all three dogs with us because the caravan had a nice big veranda for the dogs to lounge about on, but we had only been there a short time when they escaped through the wooden lattes, eventually we rounded them up and ended up not being able to take our eyes off of them while they were outside, (hard work).   Mouse has just come into her first season, and Ashia is due her first litter of pups in two weeks, can't wait for them to arrive, so for now there will be no more showing, but I will try and get to some local show's to watch, good luck to all who are showing tho,  regards  Karen Hoaksey

Thank you Karen pleased you had a good time away, bedlingtons are definitely little escape artists. I have put a bell on on Asha's collar so I can hear her in the garden, we have a very big garden with lots of bushes and it is difficult to know where she is when outside! Good luck with the litter an exciting time, do keep us informed and we will look forward to lots of puppy photos.   

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julie o said...

good luck with the pups will be great to see at the shows