27 April 2010

Fun Day Update! 111111

As you now know the “Top Bedlington” competition has been cancelled due to lack of support, but not all is lost for morning activities as the BTA WILL be putting on extra events in the hall in the morning. I will let you know after the BTA meeting at the weekend what extra events the committee have decided to run

Also from 10:30 in the marquee Peter Kiernan will start his demonstration, a blog auction (starting at £5 for rescue) will take place next week to find the two lucky dogs for to Peter groom in the morning. Two raffle tickets will be drawn lunch time for dogs to be groomed in the afternoon.

I still have two places for the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Test, registration at 10.30 test at 11.30. Carmel will be on hand to run through all the exercises with you beforehand, please email me for details or to book a place.

Frances Fuller from Bedlington Terrier rescue and re-homing will be at the fun day in the morning with her stall. I am hoping that a few bloggers will be able to make a bag of home made dog treats for her stall. Selling home made treats at £1 a bag will certainly raise some extra money!


Come early and enjoy the delicious food as this year the fun day is being catered by the ladies who provide the food at the BTA shows. This is the menu they will be providing and food is being severed all day.

ROLLS & £1.80, bacon,sausages, bacon & egg, ham, roast beef,tuna, smoked salmon, prawn and cheese.

HOT MEALS @ £3.50p cottage pie and salad, jacket potatoes with baked beans, tuna, cheese, chicken curry and rice, Meat Lasagne with a side salad, Turkey & veg pie with side salad.

PUDDINGS ,& £1.20 Bakewell Tart, Apple Crumble, Cheesecake.

There will also be hot and cold drinks, salads, quiches, cakes and biscuits.

Come early and enjoy a breakfast, learn to groom with Peter , watch or have a go at the Bronze Test and take part in extra activities in the hall.


Trish said...

Wow! Your catering menu sounds wonderful!! Wish there was away to get a take away! Fun Day sound like such a good time, I love reading about the preperations and the events.

Sarah and Tony said...

We're in Scotland for a few days, but will do some baking when we get back.
Saraah Tony, Ed and Ossie