25 April 2010

Good afternoon From Tircia On Oracoke!

Sorry I am late with this report.  I woke up to a very dreary day, dark, rainy, need to have the lights on kind of day.  PLUS a late night at work.  We hosted an 85th birthday party for 30 people for a very dear local woman.  It was a lot of fun working it!  THEN, my vet's vet tech that come to my house each month showed up at the restaurant and ended at my house.  The girls were thrilled to have late night company!  They were in heaven with all the petting and people getting down and rolling on the floor with all five of them. Diane, the vet tech, of course LOVES animals and really doesn't get to see my girls on vet day, because they are sequestered in my bedroom, so as not to wreak havoc with all of the other pets.  She just couldn't get enough for them and they had a blast!!  So it ended up nAfter_Isabelot in bed until 3 am.  The rest of the week has been very nice weather and everyone has gotten to spend a lot of time outdoors.  It seems the work in the yard is never ending, everything is growing so fast!!    My friend Rebecca, that bought the lot next door to me has had 6 dump truck loads of sand put down to fill in low spots.  It hasn't been spread yet, so there are mountains of sand & the girls think a play park has been built for them......climbing sand piles, digging holes, running through the sand and becoming little sand magnets......they love it!!  It is fun to watch them try to climb to the top of these huge piles, with the sand slipping under their feet....they get quite a work out getting to the top, and then it only takes a second to jump down & start all over.  I will have to get photos .  Have a great week.....we are off for more adventures today, even in the rain!

Thanks Tricia what fun you and the girls are having. Although dull and rainy I expect it is warm, I just love the warm rain! Do try and get some photos of the girls playing in the sand, they will be very sad once it is all used to fill in the holes! With all the extra fuss I bet they can’t wait for Diane to come for another late night visit!  

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J&T said...

It sounds like the girls are having a great time Trish. We are having a new village hall built here and the rabbits have been having fun digging in the builders sand. The bedlingtons have been having fun too!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane xxx