23 April 2010

Hello Bloggers

The Makems left me in alone today so I thought I would teach them a lesson, pity the camera could not see what’s in the other room He! He!



When the Makems are away the Bedlington will play, looks like you are having fun Dusty!


Agathasmum Louise said...

Oops - looks like someone had a great time!! Mind you, Dusty is clearly saying "it wasn't me, it was definitely someone else who did this!"

J&T said...

That,ll teach them to leave you home alone Dusty! Looks like you,ve had a great time, te he he.
Jane xxx

Carol said...

Oh dear - but that does look like fun and I'm sure will be done again if left alone!!!

Linda said...

She's too cute to be angry with - I love the 'butter wouldn't melt' face!!


Trish said...

Too funny!! Bedlingtons sure do love shredding toilet paper! What great fun, I love the look on her face! Dusty, time to sit on the "naughty step".

tom.chisholm said...

Somebody got bored!!!!