12 April 2010

Hello From Hungary

A new photo from Hungary, I just saw it yesterday in our Bedlington-forum. The 2 sisters had a lovely afternoon together, this picture was taken after a long play. They don't seem to be tired though. They're 4.5 month now, getting big. They are both "lucky", having  professional dog-groomers as their owners. They don't like getting groomed too often, but I think they will have to get used to it.  Wish You all the best: Vera

dezmin_nara_4hon-1Thank you Vera, I can remember seeing these pups as tiny babies, it does not take long for them to grow into beautiful bedlingtons. Are they going to be shown by their new owners? 


k9 said...


The girls look very beautiful and ready to get into mischief.

ed and rebecca said...

What sweet faces.

Trish said...

What a lovely photo. Love the looks on their faces.