10 April 2010

Hello from “Sooty” and “Boy”

Sooty, Boy and I are off on a week's holiday in a cottage overlooking the beach in Aberdaron (on the Lleyn peninsula in North Wales) today (Friday). If this lovely weather carries on I will be really happy! Looking forward to long walks on the dog friendly beaches and just relaxing in general - no tv, no mobile signal and no internet, so taking plenty of books to read.

In the meantime I thought you might like to see this picture of Boy. Whenever we go to a beach he loves a good roll round in the sand, but this time he picked the area of Burry Port beach that is a mixture of sand and mud! I tried to attach the video but gremlins intervened, so this is how he looked after his mad five minutes of rolling round. Look forward to catching up on a weeks news when I get back. AndreaGriff_and_Boy_002 Hope you are having a lovely holiday Andrea !


Keira said...

But he seems to feel so much better after this.

ed and rebecca said...

Did he have a bath when he got home?