11 April 2010

Larry Gets A Soaking!

Look at my kitchen! The ceiling cracked due to a leak in the bathroom. Poor Larry was sleeping in his basket right underneath so he got soaked. Hefin found him sitting on a chair as it was the only dry place. The builder is trying to prop up the ceiling and hopefully the aertex will stick back. If that doesn't work we will have a major job on our hands. Enid xx


IMG_2406Goodness Enid how lucky Larry was not to have the whole ceiling come down on him! Do hope the wood dries up and there is no major water damage. I just hate to think of the mess in your kitchen if the ceiling has to be replaced!


Tina W said...

Oh dear Enid-hope it can be sorted easily-poor Larry getting soaked.

k9 said...

Poor Larry we bet it was a shook for him as well as you Enid hope you get it fixed soon lol The K9 Marshal Crew

ed and rebecca said...

Oh no, poor Larry! Poor kitchen too.

Mary said...

hope larry is ok we had the same thing hapen to us a few years a go it is a real big job


Linda and Misty said...

Poor Larry if he's anything like Misty he will hate getting wet. Hope he got an extra big cuddle love Linda & Misty

J&T said...

Oh dear poor Larry! Many years ago(many, many years ago)as a child I flooded the bathroom and flooded our kitchen, bringing the ceiling down. I seem to remember being most un popular !!!!!!!!!!!
Hope the damage is kept to a minimum.
Jane xxx

Madeline said...

Oh Enid - what an absolute bore for you all! I hope it gets fixed soon.

k9 said...


Oh dear what can the matter be
Enids ceiling soaked poor Larry
Hef'n will have to plaster it up again
and we all really care!

No joke though I hope it gets fixed soon, see you at WELKS.

Carmel xxx