21 April 2010

“M” delivers two boys and a baby girl!

I would have sent you some snaps of our little pups, however, when I went for the camera, I could not find it, then it dawned, the last time we had it it was in the Motor home, another item that was stolen.

The pups & mum ('M') are doing great, 2 boys & a girl. The other dogs are desperate to see them! I had a lovely walk on our local beach for a couple of hours on Saturday morning with Derek Lewis & 3 of his dogs, the weather was excellent. Jan & I went down the beach again on the night, with some of the dogs. To our surprise it was like a bedlington terrier reunion! There was a lady with 3 bedlingtons, who lived about 5 mile away, the last bedlington she had got only a couple of weeks ago, she bought it off gypsies at South Bank? (anyone missing a bedlington), it was a young dog about a year old. Then we met a young couple with a  young bitch bedlington, very friendly & in wonderful jacket. After our natterings, we enjoyed fish & chips on the promenade, before having a couple of miles walk to burn off the feast!  Hope the nice weather stays, it is however still very cold on a night. We are away to Malvern for a few days away, wonder if we will bump into any bedlingtons there?

Thank you Mark congratulations on the babies. This is a great time of the year for pups, once on their feet they will be able to spend lots of time playing out side. There are a lot of bedlingtons up north compared to down south, also generally I think the breed is becoming more popular among pet owners. Safe trip down to Malvern the weather forecast is good!     


enid said...

Is dad puppy sitting ? Congratulations. See you at WELKS on Saturday

Julia said...

Congratulations! on your new arrivals luv Sidney Ruff Diamond.
Wish we could have another! lol