30 April 2010

May Day May Day!

Were going over the top in two days time! They are all assessing the terrain in readiness to make the break. A couple of them have already been out on scouting missions despite the risk of not making it back. A case in point 3am this morning, some assistance was required since mum was fast asleep oblivious to the cries "Its cold out here". I have got use to being woken at unearthly hours!!!
We have a 2½ foot high Hexagonal pen as the next challenge for them. This will be brought into action over the weekend. Perhaps this will give us a few weeks before they learn to jump.
Misty's inquisitiveness keeps getting the better of her, forever trying to inspect the troops. This is followed by deep growls from Bonnie, letting everyone know she's in charge of the rascals! Clifford

P43000~1 P43000~2 Thank you Clifford, ah the joys of being a Dad to to these little explorers, still the new pen should keep tem in place for the time being! Misty definitely looks like she is welling to do a bit of baby sitting!.


karen said...

soo cute!!

enid said...

This is only the start!