27 April 2010

Millie Goes Home For A Wash And Brush Up

Millie12weeks Dirty Dancing came for a visit and a groom on Sunday. She is 12 weeks old now. It is a struggle to groom her, she doesn't like the shaver or the dryer so it took some time to get her done. And on the photo she was still for half a second, hehe :) Best wishes Benny Norway

Thank you Benny how Millie has grown since the last puppy photos you sent to us,  I expect you noticed a big difference! It is always special when the babies come home for a visit. Millie looks lovely not easy clipping a wriggly pup.


karen said...

lovely puppy x

k9 said...


Millie looks beautiful, they really do not stay puppies very long but she sure looks cute.

Carmel xx

Benny said...

Thanks everyone! :) I have plans for grooming her brother "Burre" tonight, so I hope to send you a photo of him too :)

Best wishes

Linda and Misty said...

Millie is gorgoeus she'll soon get the hang of it Linda & Misty