21 April 2010

Mummy's Favourites

They are nine days old and all are healthy and thriving. We are starting to see characters developing, despite their eyes not open yet. The one we have named WC (White Chin) seems to be mummy's boy and is always snuggled close to Bonnie's head.  Since last Thursday Bonnie has started to go for short walks, if only to break the boredom of laying there constantly with them. She dictates how far we go and points in the direction of home when done. Away from the pups she has become more tolerant of our other bitch, 11 year old Misty and does not rush back to the pups as quickly as she did. However if Misty curiosity gets the better of her and she goes too close to the pups, there is a deep growl. This is followed by Bonnie holding Misty's muzzle and pushing her down. This submissive and good natured reaction allows Bonnie to bully poor Misty but they are best of friends. Once they are weaned and more active I am sure Bonnie will be only happy to foster them away.


Pat and I are trying to catch up on lost sleep due to our nightly vigils.
They are bigger now so we guess less chance of Bonnie being clumsy with them. We need our  sleep anyway! Despite this I was awoken at 3am this morning to extract two of the little devils from behind Bonnie’s back making hell of a din. Bonnie was snoring oblivious to the commotion. Fed her puppy food and back to bed. It must get easier?  Clifford Evans


Thank you Clifford, how nice to see the babies, as you now know this puppy rearing is quite stressful and before long you will need eyes in the back of your head as little paws run off in every direction getting into mischief. Still, enjoy them as they soon grow up and leave home. We will look forward to seeing Bonnie’s babies again soon. 

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enid said...

Wait until they start running around! You'll be tripping over them. Make the most of this quiet time.