15 April 2010

Near Death By Chocolate!

I nearly lost her over the weekend as she became very ill.  Friday evening she was very unsettled - kept moving around - from chair to floor and back again.  I thought that she might have a tummy ache but I had not changed her diet and she and Ben had eaten the same food.  She seemed to like me just rubbing her tummy.  We had a very restless night.
Saturday: She was very quiet and sleepy but it did not seem to be a tummy upset as she was not sick or anything.  Vet said it seemed like poison but we had been no where unsafe and neither she or Ben had been out of my sight and he was well.  I just had to keep an eye on her.  I gave her lots to drink to try to flush what ever it was out of her system.  She got no worse but cuddled in a chair near me most of the day.  Ben knew she was ill as he was very gentle and would kiss her every so often on her nose.  However when I went to pick her up to put her to bed I got a real shock  -  she, her blanket and her bed were soaking wet.  All her wool/fur was clammy  -  I dried her off and gave her a dry fleece blanket.  Another restless night.
Sunday:  She seemed better - quiet but almost back to her old self  -  wanted her walk.

lucy_035 Monday:  Much better, had a good walk and even ran around a little in the garden.  So all was well but still a mystery ! BUT now just this morning as I was tidying up the garden ready for the bin collection I found a DARK CHOCOLATE WRAPPER.  Not a brand or something I ever buy - it must have been discarded, either thrown over the fence or blown in somehow.  How much she had had I know not but I know the danger and yet Lucy found it - ate it without my knowledge. We have all had the warnings but her experience may warn others who read this message. So she has changed her name to LUCKY LUCY now.
Love from Lucky Lucy - a worried Ben - and a relieved Dora.   

Goodness Dora how worrying, dogs love chocolate, unfortunately they don’t have the instinct to tell them it is poisonous! Dark chocolate has  a high proportion of cocoa and probably it wouldn’t take much to cause her to be ill. This is a real warning for all of us. Thank goodness she is now fit and well again.


Trish said...

Very scary stuff. There is nothing worse than and unwell dog & not knowing why. I am so glad Lucy is feeling better. It seems no matter how closely we watch them, they still manage to find stuff to get into. Thank you for reminding us about the dangers of chocolate.

Bodger said...

We lost my Grandmas lovely whippet, Whisper, at Xmas '08 after she managed steal a box of chocolates off the table. It was a horrible way to go, and we are very careful to hide chocs away, (or eat greedily!). Glad to hear Lucy has recovered!

k9 said...

We are glad that little lucy is better now. they worry us like hell when they are not well lol The K9 Marshal Crew

ed and rebecca said...

Glad Lucy is on the mend. Looking forward to seeing Ben and his lovely ears at the Funday!

martin and julie said...

That must have been such a worrying time for you. So glad that Lucy is now ok. J, M xx