28 April 2010

A New Brother For Misty

pups_12_days_old_26th_April_(13)-1 Here are some photos of Mark's puppies he asked me to send you some as he has no camera at the moment. I didn't want to say anything earlier in case I tempted fate as last year K only had girls but one of the boys is going to be Misty's new little brother. He has been ordered since last year and we were hoping Jasper was going to bring this little man up too as he did such a good job with Misty but this will now fall on little Misty's shoulders. I'm sure he will pass on all his knowledge wisely. Lots of love Linda & Misty xx



Thank you Linda, congratulations to Mark and Jan. How exciting, Misty will love to have a new playmate. I think “M” is mum and two boys and one girl in the litter. Hopefully you will be able to go and visit and watch them grow from week to week. Do you have name for your pup?


Benny said...

So sweet puppies! :)

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

'M' is indeed the mum & 'T' is the dad.

Linda said...

I am sooooooooo jealous!!


Trish said...

Good for you. Misty is going to be so thrilled with a little brother. I am very excited for all of you.

Congratulations Mark & Jan on the lovely puppies.

Linda and Misty said...

Thank you all for your comments we saw the pups on Monday and got a thorough investigation from Misty when we got home. We are really looking forward to our new arrival and seeing him grow over the next few weeks. We maybe calling him Bailey, Lesley that is your fault remember posting Misty on the blog with his glass of Baileys the title was "Misty or Bailey?" We then thought that would make a nice name but we are waiting to see how he develops sometimes a chosen name doesn't suit a pups character so we will have to wait and see
Lots of love Linda & Misty xx