09 April 2010

Peter Grooms In Aid Of Bedlington Rescue At The Fun Day


Peter Kiernan who demonstrated how to groom the bedlington at the recent BTA grooming seminar has very kindly offered to groom 4 dogs at the fun day. Peter will groom two dogs in the morning and two after lunch. The slots will be 10:30 am 11:45am 1:45pm and 3pm

Everyone will have a chance to have their dog groomed as the morning slots will be decided by auction with a starting bid of £5. The afternoon slots will be drawn from the raffle at lunch time. For those who are not lucky enough to win a slot you will be able to watch Peter groom and I am sure he will be able help you with any questions. All the money raised  by Peter is going to Bedington Terrier rescue and re-homing. The blog will be running the auction for the two morning slots the nearer the time. I would like to thank Peter for joining us at the Fun day and  helping to raise funds for rescue.  If you are new to the breed or want to learn to pet clip or show clip don't miss this opportunity!   


Rod Chris & Lucy said...

Great News ! we have just purchased some clippers and could certainly do with some tips.

Agathasmum Louise said...

Great idea to raise funds for Bedlington Rescue. I'd be happy to pay just to watch and pick up some tips!

julie o said...

way to go peter

Donna said...

great idea for rescue

k9 said...


Peter you're areal Gem!