12 April 2010

Please Help Find Mavis a loving home, she is in rescue with Greyhound  Gap

Mavis came into our care last year from a stray pound environment in a real state last July. It was obvious to see that Mavis had been repeatedly bred from and we had a nightmare few months getting her out of phantom pregnancies and repeated milk production. On top of that she had a long standing ear infection that meant ear hair was matted inside, the scar tissue was horrendous and her ears looked like cauliflowers. She also stank to high heaven and had the most horrendous skin.
Even by Bedlington standards Mavis is tiny measuring just 14" and weighing around 7kg.


Mavis now is doing well. She stays on a bland diet of complete food and isn’t allowed tit bits or it can cause her skin to flare.
Mavis is very typical of the bedlington bred. She tends to get on much better with other larger dogs but can be quite sparky with other terrier types that bark or lunge at her and will bark and lunge back. She is quite vocal aswell and has to be told or she will bark at horses and other passing animals. Mavis is NOT cat friendly. Mavis is currently living in a foster home with sighthounds and a medium sized terrier cross male.
Mavis would fair best in a bedlington or terrier experienced home preferably with an older quieter male companion.
Out and about Mavis walks well on lead, well she sort of pootles around, she can be good off lead at times but if she gets a scent of something will take herself off not at a great speed but it can be a nightmare trial to get her back on the lead at this point. She is very stubborn and headstrong.
Mavis travels well and is fully housetrained and fine to be left in the company of the other dogs, she will though bark though at passers by if she can get to the window.
Mavis is now spayed, vaccinated, de flead, de wormed and chipped.
Mavis does still have slight problems with her skin so a strict diet needs to be adhered to, when she has flare ups now this is usually controlled with a short course of steroids.
For more information or to offer Mavis a home call Lisa on 01782 544728 or Liz on 01473 623343.

IMG_0009-17 http://www.greyhoundgap.org.uk/

Thanks to Ian and the K9 team for finding this little girl .


Agathasmum Louise said...

Poor Mavis, it sounds as though she had a horrible life before she was rescued. I hope she finds the right person to love her, she deserves to have a loving permanent home. Good luck Mavis.

J&T said...

Poor little girl.I hope there is someone out there who can offer her a stable, loving home very soon. She deserves to enjoy the rest of her life with someone who will treasure her.
Jane xxx

patricia said...

I hope you find a forever home soon Mavis, I wish I could offer you a home, x x