20 April 2010

Sapphire Pass Me My Goggles And Mask!

After yet another busy weekend, we are glad to put our feet up! On Saturday I borrowed a friend’s trailer to carry a full load of papers, old blankets and some old dog beds over to a rescue kennels about 40 minutes drive from home, where they were happy to receive them. On our way home I took little Jazz and Sapphire for their daily walk down the canal, by the time we got home both dogs just had enough energy to eat their tea's. On Sunday I took the dogs  with me to Sleap Airfield to see a friend and his plane, not only did they have planes taking off and landing but at the edge of the airfield model planes were taking to to the sky. We went to have a cuppa tea and a cream cake each at the cafe below the tower. The air ambulance, came in to land and refuelled.  Little Jazz and Sapphire never battered an eye nether were they scared of the noise of the aircraft, they were as  good as gold and while they tucked into their cream cakes they watched all the  planes going up and down the runway. We are thinking of going into partnership with our own plane and calling ourselves "BEDLINGTON AIRWAYS"  so we could fly the flag

!cid_A06D583E8C19453591C6F87E9CFDFB80@alexPCThank you Ian Jazz and Sapphire certainly have a very full and interesting life. They must be the best socialised dogs in Cheshire!  Obviously the volcanic ash did not stop small aircraft from flying at lower levels.  Life must be fantastic in this glorious weather for those living near the runways at Heathrow or any of our main airports, but how frustrating and probably costly for those who are stranded overseas.


julie o said...

bedlington air sounds a great great way to get to the shows

Linda and Misty said...

Jazz & Sapphire certainly enjoy themselves glad they enjoyed their cream teas !! lol Linda & Misty xx

Mary said...

Hi Ian - Nigel is busy getting ready for this weekend, he has just taken the Mex out for a test mile thingy!!!! Hope we can meet up at the Brailles weekend? Mary