10 April 2010

Saturday And We Hear From Marie In Skye

The forecast looks good for the weekend with warm temperatures and sunshine, so I expect I will be out making the most of it. I managed to do Cody's haircut during my Easter break, and I've started on Briagha but haven't finished hers yet.

In a few weeks they will be going into kennels as I have a family wedding to attend, combined with a lake district holiday. I hate kennelling them but don't really have any other option when I'm away. I don't think it bothers them too much to be honest, especially as they have each other for company and are pretty much inseparable.

I've enjoyed watching the videos of Asha on the blog. She is very like Briagha with her feisty manner, it must be in the genes! Asha will certainly keep you on your toes. Marie

dogs Thanks Marie, I think a warm weekend is forecasted for all of the UK. How nice to go outside without coats and water proof boots. I think Asha and Briagha are half sisters, no wonder they are alike!


ed and rebecca said...

Bet you can't wait for your holiday , at least they have each other .

Sarah and Tony said...

We worry about Ed and Ossie at the kennels, more than they do. They stay on a farm, and have lovley long walks, with lots of great smells. No wonder they are always so tired when they come back

k9 said...


Marie do you watch "Country File" on BBC 1 they want people to tell them where their favorite UK place is and with your fantastic photos it would be just the thing for you to do. Details on www.bbc.co.uk/countryfile

go for it girl!

Marie said...

Thanks, I'll have a look!