17 April 2010

Sooty And Boy Back From Their Hols

Sooty, Boy and I had a fantastic week in a lovely cosy cottage just two minutes from the beautiful beach in Aberdaron. Nearly all the beaches in the area are dog friendly, at least until 1 May, so we explored loads of beautiful bays.Aberdaron_and_other_early_2010_014

The first picture is of Boy having a paddle at Porth Nefyn. I think he thought the buoy was a ball at first! The second picture is of them exploring on the rocks on the beach at Aberdaron. Our rented cottage was opposite a churchyard where dozens of rabbits lived. On the first morning we were there, before I realised I hadn't made the back yard dog proof enough, the dogs crossed over the lane, leapt over the low wall and ran around like mad things on the scent of rabbits until I finally cornered them one at a time. The only places I wasn’t able to take the dogs was Caernarfon castle and to Bardsey island. This island is a major centre for bird watching, but also has working farms on so there were a few dogs on there, a sheep dog and a border terrier, but visiting dogs aren’t allowed. Andrea

Aberdaron_and_other_early_2010_027 Aberdaron_and_other_early_2010_040 Thank you Andrea lovely to hear about your break, so pleased you had a good week with the dogs, they certainly looked to be enjoying exploring and checking out the local rabbits! What a glorious day it has been today not a cloud in the sky and with no wind warm enough to sit out in the garden.


ed and rebecca said...

That all sounds like great fun! Don't tell Hester and Raphie you've been chasing bunnnies they'll be jealous!

J&T said...

Cor Andrea, your report takes me back with such fond memories! Nefyn was so often our holiday destination when I was a child. Aberdaron my favorite place, no where on earth better for rock-pooling!!!!
Jane xxx
No wonder your boys enjoyed themselves so much.

enid said...

We ahd a lovely holiday on the Llyn when we only had Larry.
Terrier Club of South Wales is in the Rhondda Fach Sports Center, Tylorstown. It starts at 10am and Bedlingtons will be on about 10.15.