25 April 2010

Sorry The Skye Report  is late But No Internet Access At The Show ground, we finally  say hello to Marie

I've finally got Briagha's haircut, and she looks much better for it. I'm starting to get organised for my upcoming trip, so the dogs will have to go the vet this week for kennel cough vaccine etc. I'm also going shopping in Inverness this weekend and will start packing my holiday stuff soon. There's so much to remember to do, I should probably make a list and tick things off as I complete them.

I'm sure you are all looking forward to the fun weekend coming up soon. I will be on my way back from the Lake district to Skye as your meet is just beginning. Lets hope we all get favourable weather as it certainly helps. Marie

CodyBriaghaThank you Marie Lovely photo of the dogs! Do hope you enjoyed your shopping trip, it is fun planning for a holiday! The weather has been wonderful this weekend at the show, has summer finally arrived? 

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