29 April 2010

Thursday And We Say Hello To Julie



Good morning from the northeast and short one from me this week as it has been very quite. Good luck to Dusty on Saturday as it is her first show I am showing on Sunday so will let you know the results Julie xx

Thank you Julie and very good luck to our two newcomers Dusty in the Northeast and Solo in Wales who make their debuts in the ring this weekend.


Madeline said...

Hi Julie

It was good bumping into you in Redcar on Saturday, whilst I was having a (short!) break from campaigning. I'll be up again from Sunday, so will look out for you!

k9 said...


Good luck a first show with a youngster can be full of surprises,
so go with the flow!


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Good luck to the Makems with little Dusty, Im sure she will be fine.

Hope everybody showing over the weekend enjoys their days out!

Were looking forward to Birmingham National Champ Show on Friday.

karen said...

good luck in your first show Dusty and Solo x