13 April 2010

Victoria’s Report For The Last Two Weeks

Last Friday we went to see ed and Rebecca's new puppy Hester. She was very cuddly and playful and we all wanted to take her home with us.On Easter Saturday we went down to Broadstairs, where there is a sandy beach for the dogs to run around. We went for a walk around a concrete pool, where in the summer people search for crabs and shrimp. While walking round Rose decided she wanted to have a swim and jumped into the pool. It was a shock for us as Jack hates water and we thought Rose would too, but it seems Rose likes swimming and we will have to be careful with her when near water. On Sunday Sandra and Norman Hyde went to drop off a puppy to a lady who lives in Birchington, which is very close to where we live and we sometimes go there to let the dogs run on the beach. On Tuesday my dad went to see the puppy, called Lola and give her a trim.
This Saturday we met Lola and her owner Sue, and went for a walk with her.Lola was quite nervous of us at first and wasn't used to the lead but by the end of the walk she walked really well on the lead and kept coming up to us for cuddles. We also met a liver bedlington in working trim and a blue bedlington cross, who we had never seen before. i am training Rose for the bronze good citizen award for the fun day, she behaves much better than Jack and will do anything for food. She has already learnt to stay for one minute, which was Jack’s least favourite exercise.

This week we bought an old 4 berth caravan,which we will do up and hopefully take to the bedlington fun day. We are looking forward, lots of love Victoria,Jack and Rose.

Thank you Victoria, I think your Dad has his hands full now with another puppy to trim, hopefully we will see Lola in the show ring  with you handling her. A bedlington and swimming, very few enjoy getting wet but you only have to see the photos of Kevin’s dogs swimming in Wales to see once they get used to it they love to swim.  Fantastic news about the caravan, you will have lots of fun going away with the dogs this summer.


ed and rebecca said...

Sounds like you've been very busy Victoria. I think you met Blue and Bean down on the beach. They are both lovely chaps. Have fun with the caravan.

Trish said...

Yes it sounds like you have been very busy. I think it is cute that Rose decided to take a swim. I wish I could have seen a photo. The caravan sounds like fun....you will be heading to Fun Day in high style. Love reading about your adventures with your dogs!