15 April 2010

We Say Hello To Julie With Her Northeast Natter


Good morning from the northeast well Whisper and Piper are loving the milder weather and spend as much time as they can in the back Mgarden enjoying the sunshine. mind you we went over to Coathem Marsh yesterday morning and Piper found something very very smelly to roll in, you know when it is bad when Whisper wouldn’t go near her, she had to have a bath as soon as she came home. Mark and Derek are trying to get a date set for the next north east walk so will keep you updated on when that will be.  Last Sunday and I went down to the Nat Bedlington Terrier Seminar, I have to say it was brilliant and I learnt so much. I enjoyed going over the dogs and speaking to the cc judges who were helping out as well.  I choose the same dogs as my team leader for the line up! A great day  with good company and would recommend the seminar to anyone, hope they have another one soon. Well that is all my news this week if you are showing this weekend enjoy and good luck  Julie xx

Thank you Julie, congratulations to everyone who passed the seminar, it sounds like it was a really informative and  friendly day! it is great another northeast walk is in the planning, with the warmer weather and beautiful countryside definitely an event not to be missed   



Helo Julie

Yes a very informative day was had last Sunday at the seminar, hope there'll be more, Eileen certainly enjoyed learning new points on the Bedlington.

The Makems

k9 said...


Glad you enjoyed the seminar and had a good day.