28 April 2010

Wednesday And We Say Hello To Enid In Wales

Hi, everyone, the weather has been really warm and sunny and we've had field mice in the garden. Fizz is the best at finding their hiding places and she had to have two baths on the Saturday before we left for WELKS because she was digging in the flower beds. Although we unearthed five little mice they all got away. Ecco wasn't far behind and you could not believe how filthy dirty their muzzles and paws were. I think they have all migrated under the shed as they haven't tried digging since we arrived home but are on constant vigil by the shed.


It's Terrier Club of South Wales on Sunday and Solo's first time in the ring so watch this space for fun and games! I'll try and take some pictures. Tim is off to Tenerife on Friday for a week so he will miss the show. It's lucky he didn't go two weeks ago or he would have been caught up in the volcanic ash problem. Maureen has had five out of the twelve radio therapy treatments and we visited yesterday and forgot to take the sheep Stuart sent her for luck so I took it over this afternoon. It is unpleasant treatment but she is very positive. She really appreciated the cards people have sent. The Wallers and Welsh's are fishing at Worchester so they are going to visit Wednesday. I've made some Welsh cakes for them to have with a cup of tea. Good luck to anyone showing over the weekend. Enid

Thank you Enid terriers will be terriers and those poor mice just have to be caught! I must say I do hate it when the dogs stalk the bird nests when they can hear the fledglings. Good luck with Solo on Sunday it is so exciting being his first show, all those dogs, he is bound to think it is a doggie party. Our best wishes go out to Maureen, seeing the Wallers and Welsh’s will cheer her up this afternoon.


k9 said...


Thanks for the update on Mo lots of us are with her in our thoughts, Ian and I were looking for something in the shed the other day and I nearly put my hand on a dead mouse, I was out of there like a flash, Ian thought it was hilarious. Good luck with Solo I am sure he will be an absolute "Angel" Ha Ha. See You at Birmingham.

Madeline said...

Good luck, Solo, on your first trip around the ring. You have a lot to live up to!