13 April 2010

What Lovely Weather


Hi Everyone What fantastic weather we have at the moment, Just what the doctor ordered. On Saturday Jazz, Sapphire and myself headed out to a walk we know just north of Wrexham in North Wales, it was very busy with loads of people out and about with their dogs making the most of the weather. Part of the walk is along the River Alyn where it’s ever so shallow in places so a lot of the dogs go and have a paddle. This included little Jazz and Sapphire where they cooled their paws off from all the running about and playing with the other dogs. The only trouble was they were too quick for the other dogs to keep up with them, by the time we got home they were two tired little  dogs.

Then on Sunday we all got up early and we were out of the house at 7:30am  and on our way to the North Wales coast for mum to look around the two Sunday markets and then on to Telacre and the beach. With a mile long beach to run on both Jazz and Sapphire were so excited!  When we got parked up I set my beach shelter up for mum then the dogs and I went for a run on the beach. After an hour and a half we went back to find mum, and headed off for home were  not only did mum fall fast asleep but Jazz and Sapphire did as well, so I had a quiet journey home, bless them we cannot wait to go again for that fresh sea air Ian and the K9 Bedlingtons

Thank you Ian, how lucky to be able to walk on the beach, I am really envious when I see photos all the Wales and Southeast bloggers who  regularly take their dogs to the seaside. Little Asha would just love to run on the sand. Fantastic photo Ian with mum and the dogs in the shelter.  


Linda and Misty said...

Looks like you all had good fun glad you all enjoyed the weekend. Will have to see what Misty makes of the beach one day we usually go to the country or over to the Lake District lol Linda & Misty

ed and rebecca said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day!That's a great photo.

Trish said...

There is talk that they are not going to allow dogs on our National Seashore....with or without leashes!! I hope this doesn't come to be.