11 May 2010

Back From Our Hols!

Hello, we’re happy to be back home from our holiday in the highlands, for a few days rest before we travel down to Brailes. Here’s a picture of Ed celebrating climbing to the top of Ben Bhraggie, and the after-effects. He does love a good roll in soft heather (carpet is nearly as nice).


We spent a couple of days in Edinburgh on the way back, and found this café in the renovated dock area of Leith – thinking of you Victoria and Jack.




We also found a fantastic felt craft shop: www.theworkshopedinburgh.com/studio. They only have post cards of the dogs left, but will be selling kits to make your own again soon. I have some of the wool and a needle and plan to give it a try. If I manage to make a felt Bedlington, I’ll send you a picture. Best wishes Sarah, Tony, Ed and Ossie

Thank you Sarah and Tony it sounds like you had reasonable weather and an enjoyable break in Scotland. I bet the dogs just loved all those highland walks! Look forward to seeing you on Friday.


Tina W said...

I have a felt bedlington that I bought on ebay.


Ah! Sarah & Tony & gang

Bet it was warmer on the West Coast then back in Co. Durham. See you all at the week end.

The Makems

Sarah and Tony said...

I'd love to see the felt one, do you have a picture?