17 May 2010

Dad Can I Have a Little More Salt On It!

As you can see their teeth have made an appearance and everything is tasty.


Sunday afternoon to celebrate their 5th Birthday (weeks), we introduced them to grass and daisies. It was a lovely afternoon and the two girls were the first to enjoy the experience. These are the two in the pictures.P5160024_copy

As soon as we got the holding pen down and all six puppies behind bars, one of our bee hives decided to swarm. So it was down to the bottom of the garden to catch the swarm before it disappeared for ever. The puppies had a very short time outdoors as they were hurriedly ushered back in. Never mind the weather is getting better so they should have a few more
opportunities for fresh air.  Clifford


Thank you Clifford how nice to see the pups enjoying their first time out in the garden. Hopefully with the warmer weather they can now spend lots of time out in sunshine. Catching a swarm of bees, it make me itch just thinking about it. 

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ed and rebecca said...

They had lovely sunshine for their trip outside!