26 May 2010

Good Morning From Wales

Good morning Bloggers, I've had news via Diane Herbert that we have a new prospective Junior handler in Swansea. Tracey and Steve Richards have a bouncing baby boy born in the early hours of Tuesday morning. His name is Dylan Paul Richards and he weighed in at 8lbs. 3oz. a week early. It's a really good name for a baby born in the birthplace of Dylan Thomas. They also have a litter of pups born last Saturday. All the pups have homes to go to. Thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes- they were much appreciated. My father came in singing "When I'm 64"! Don't forget to watch Dr. Who again this Sunday and look out for Kevin's chickens. The dogs have had to spend a lot of time indoors this last few days because its been so warm. Fizz has been on duty at the front door on cat alert as usual. Madeline and Thandi are enjoying themselves in the sunshine beside the sea at Mumbles. We're off to Bath on Friday so it will be all sections go to get the dogs ready. I'm not looking forward to grooming Solo as he is a real wriggle worm and objects strongly to brushes, combs and scissors. Hopefully we'll see some of you there. Finally, I'd like to wish Sarah Collier good luck in her GCSE exams.  Enid

IMG_2488 Thank you Enid, hope you enjoyed your birthday certainly fantastic weather for a family gathering. Congratulations to Tracey and Steve on the the arrival of baby Dylan and the litter of pups. it will be a relief that all the pups have homes waiting.  Safe journey down to Bath, I love the the show ground when the weather is nice it is a beautiful place to camp. We are off to an agility weekend I just need 4 points to get Diesel up into the senior competition level.


Madeline said...

Great news re Tracey and Steve. Perhaps I'll pop in when they are ready for visitors, and see all the new arrivals! Good luck in Bath - I hope Diesel gets his points!

ed and rebecca said...

Ralphie says," don't give in Solo, they love all the wrestling really!"

killikid said...
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killikid said...

good luck sarah, with those Exams!!!!!!!