12 May 2010

Good Morning From Enid In Wales

Good morning Bloggers,
Not much news about this week. The sun is out and Larry is enjoying his favourite sport of mountain watching from his perch on the tree. The others are lounging about as the mice seem to have packed their bags and left. Tim and Julie had a great time in Tenerife where it was 32 degrees in the day. They were hoping to be delayed by volcanic ash but no such luck. The good news is that my very own Bob the Builder is coming to "Fix it" in the bathroom and kitchen. The bad news is that he is coming on Friday and Saturday so we won't be able to camp at Brailes. Can't be helped! See you all on Sunday when it is going to be a beautiful sunshiny day as usual.

IMG_2484Thank you Enid we will certainly miss you over the weekend events but pleased you will be with us on Sunday. At last Mr Fix it is coming to repair the damaged ceiling! It looks like we may have reasonable weather on Sunday not a heat wave but hopefully dry.


Donna said...

we have afamily of mice keeping our lot busy too.

J&T said...

Glad to hear Bob is comming to the rescue! Have a good weekend and look forward to seeing you at the Midland.
Jane xxx