13 May 2010

Have Your Dog Groomed At The Fun Day By Peter Kiernan!

Auction Closes (Tonight)

The blog is now running an auction for TWO dogs to be groomed in the morning at the Fun day. All the money raised will be going to bedlington rescue and re-homing


The two morning slots are 10:30am and 11:45am. Bidding will start at just £5. If you would like to place a bid email me with the amount and which time slot you are bidding on. I will then email you with your bidding number. Only your number will be published to the blog. If you are out bid just email me if you want to increase your bid. Bids will close on Thursday 13th May at 10pm after which the winners will be announced. caineslesley@tiscali.co.uk

Bidding History

10:30 am: bidder 1 £5:50p

bidder 2 £10:00

bidder 4 £15:00

bidder 2 £20:00

bidder 7 £25:00

bidder 2 £30:00

11:45am: bidder 3 £5:50p

bidder 2 £10:00

bidder 5 £20:00

bidder 6 £25:00

bidder 5 £30:00

P1050652116There will also be a special raffle drawn at lunch time for two lucky dogs to be groomed in the afternoon!

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