16 May 2010

Hello everyone From Oracoke

Sorry I am running a bit late today.  I am so enjoying the photos from Fun Day and can't wait to see more and hear all the stories.  We have had a beautiful sunny and summery week this week.....the upcoming week is promising rain each day.  It is finally warm and humid enough that the girls are into a pant soon after heading outdoors and stare in the door at me to let them in......fair weather dogs!  My week has been pretty quite and it is getting to hot and buggy to work in the yard much...although I am hoping the upcoming rain this week will allow the grass seed I planted to fill in the bare spots.
Monday the girls spent 12 hours in the car with me and Chris as Chris had a dentist appointment at a dentist 4 hours away.  The good part was the day was sunny, cool and breezy and the office was right along a river so the girls and I got to spend time walking along the piers and checking out all the new and different smells.....there are draw backs to living in such an isolated area, but they are so worth it!  Fortunately all 5 of the dogs love to ride in the car.  Wish I had thought to take the camera, but going for a root canal didn't make me think "camera".  That is all from here.  Have a fabulous week and I look forward to all the photos of the new pups!!  I am getting that itch again (YIPES!!)

Greyson_(3)Thank You Tricia, 4 hours to the dentist does seem some what excessive but that is the price you pay for living on such a beautiful  island. The girls enjoy car rides so not really a problem! The warm weather must be lovely but not so good when the bugs arrive. Mind you it must be nice to walk down the road and have a dip in the sea.

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karen said...

glad the weather's picking up for you, our dog's love to ride in the car to, we have trouble getting them to come out x