24 May 2010

Hello From Florida

Bubba_&_BB_5-23-10_007 Bubba Bubba_&_BB_5-23-10_002


OK Gang, Bubba is here for his monthly trim.  So, decided to get some pics for you, even thought Billy Bob is a frazzled mess.  He has played all day with all 4 of his children.  He is a great Daddy. I think Bubba is quite nice.  Enjoy. Hugs, Mary Lou

Thank you Mary Lou we love to see photos of overseas dogs and especially those that have gone abroad to live. Bubba certainly looks to be a handsome boy. I love the head photo beside the lake. 


Keira said...

I love the head photo too, everything is so beautiful on it.
Bubba is a handsome guy.

k9 said...

Looks like the bedie in the first picture is doing some press ups bless lol The K9 Marshal Crew

Mary Lou said...

That is Billy Bob that I got from Sandra & Norm when I was over by you all. He is VERY silly. He will do anything to entertain his children, or to get my attention.

Mary Lou & The Woof Gang