30 May 2010

Hello From Oracoke

The beautiful hot, humid summer weather has set in.  Time for the AC to come on!  The garden is exploding and I can't wait for my tomatoes to be ripe.  This week I had a little skin problem with Willo.  One night when I came home from work, Chris said, "you should look at Willo's head, she came down the hall from the bedroom and she was bleeding, but I couldn't see anything after I cleaned it up & there was no blood on her bed".  So I looked, and it looked like she had scratched her head, nothing serious, so I cleaned it with a chloryhexidine solution and that was that.  The next day when I got up and checked her, it was all moist and oozy, red,and painful.  It looked like what is described as a "hot spot", but there was no itching and the hair didn't fall out....so cleaned it again & put an anitbiotic on it.  I did that 2 times a day and it seemed to get bigger.  It is on her head, on the top, between her ears...so the little spot from the first night is bigger and seems to be spreading to another stop further down her head.  Onto the internet I go to look  up "hot spots"...and it tell me NOT to put cream or ointment on it, that it needs to dry out to heal & often time oral anitbiotics are prescribed.  Fortunately I had some antibiotics and started giving them to her on Tuesday.  After 24 hours on them, I saw a marked improvement.  I thought if it showed no improvement by Monday, we would head to the vet.  I also had to cut the hair away from the sore, so she has a bald spot on the top of her head about 3 inches long....Today it is healed over and she has a scab, no inflammation, so I think we are on our way.  I have never had a skin issue with a dog and I have no idea where this came from.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this with their dogs?  I must not have enough to do in my life, because this took up my whole week!!  Checking her, worrying about her.  I am much relieved that she is better.
Aside from that we have had a busy holiday weekend, the island is packed with tourists.  Storey celebrated her 4th birthday with turkey, gravy, carrots and green beans.  She thought she was VERY special.  (and of course she is).  She has been with us for 1 1/2 years already.  Almost time for another puppy.  I told Chris, we already have 5, you would never even notice another.  He gives me this look that says, "you ARE kidding, right?"  Am I??????

Willo_&_StoreyThanks Tricia I think time for another puppy on the island is a fantastic idea! Poor Willo it is lucky you had some antibiotics in the cupboard, it is obviously a condition that was not going to heal on its own. Summer has arrived at last with us today and no rain expected for us this week. We are nearly into June and the longest day, it does not seem long ago when we had all that snow! Don’t work too hard


enid said...

Trish, do you have harvest mites on the island? We've had terrible problems with our dogs during the winter and all but Ecco lost loads of coat- inculding little Solo. We looked on the Internet and then suggested to our vet that they needed Stronghold. It has worked a treat and both Fizz and Solo have made a complete recovery. The old boy, Larry, has taken longer to recover and seems to have reactions from everything, especially nettles.

J&T said...

We are lucky Nesta and Stella,s allergic reations seem to respond well to a Piriton every other day.I hope Willo continues to make good progress. Another baby. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!I,ll see if Trevor agrees LOL!!!!!!!
Jane xxx

Trish said...

No mites aren't a problem & her hair didn't fall out, I cut it away so it could air and dry out. It looks good now, just a scab on the top of her head....it looks like she scraped it on something, but not the was it was moist an oozy. I think the oral antibiotics have done the trick. I will have the vet re-check it when he is here in June just to make sure I did the right thing.

Tina W said...

Glad to hear Willo's head is on the mend-it sounds as though you did the right thing letting the air into it-sometimes creams and ointments feed whatever it is and can make them worse and cause them to weep more-I'm a great believer in salt water and letting the air dry it up.

Trish said...

Salt water is great. I get eczema on my hands in the summer & I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! Then I tried a warm saltwater soak, followed by a pat dry and Vaseline...I was astounded at how well it works. I think sometimes simple is best.