11 May 2010

Jazz And Sapphire Are Out With The Display Team

Hello Bloggers, Well despite the overcast weather, The K9 Marshal Crew have been busy again. After a quiet week and a quiet Saturday we got up on Sunday and while Mum was on her way back from Birmingham Dog Show, the dogs had a comb up ready to do another display. This time we were at Marbury just the other side of Whitchurch. Both Mum and myself were very surprised at the show as besides the usual fate stalls (coconut shy ect ect) they also had a fun dog show, vintage motorbikes, cars, tractors and even traction engines, model planes and boats. It was a cracking little show.


The display went very well and was enjoyed by all, little Jazz and Sapphire did themselves proud they were little superstars as was Mom. We got home we all had tea and had a relaxing evening in front of the telly resting our tired feet.

Thank you Ian it looks like the weather stayed dry for the display. I love your club T shirts and sweatshirts you look very professional. Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday.

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